Scratch Stats BETA

Updated Wednesday May 27 2020

What is Scratch Stats?

Obviously winning the lottery is a massively small probability to win out. But pretend you walked into a casino and you could immediately see which game was the best for you to entertain yourself on with the highest chance of payout? This is basically what we've done with Scratch

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) publishes raw data for all of their scratch ticket games of prizes greater than $100. We grab this data daily and consolidate and calculate our statistics from this data.

We developed this solution as a mobile responsive web application. Which is open freely to the public as a form of public information solution to allow scratch ticket players a one stop shop to get the best break down for scratch tickets being sold by OLG. Little did we know before embarking on this mini project that there are massively different ranges in each scratch ticket game - which you would assume be a nightmare to track the tickets sold, odds of winning, and finding best odds.

What does all this mean?

Prize Amount
The prize amounts is the dollar value to win (only for prizes greater than $100)
Number of Prizes
The number of prizes for that dollar value at the onset of the game
Prizes Left
The number of prizes left according to the latest OLG statistics
Exact Odds
The calculated odds to win this dollar prize. This is calculated by the estimated tickets left and how many of the prizes are left.
Cumulative Odds
The cumulative odds are the odds to win this prize, or any prize higher than the dollar value. For example: to win $100, $500, $10,000 etc.
Estimated Tickets Left
The estimated tickets left is calculated from the total number of prizes at the onset of the game, and the number of prizes left to win still.
% Sold
The percent sold is just the ratio of tickets left and original ticket count
Original Ticket Count
The number of tickets available at the onset of the game
Game Number
The OLG Game number to differentiate multiple runs of a game (and to be specific games with similar names).
Best Odds
This sort will put the games with the best odds first based on estimated tickets left and how many of those prizes are left (cumulative).
Best Odds per Dollar
For best odds per dollar we take the regular odds and normalize them based on the dollar price of the ticket. For instance you can buy 2 $5 tickets for each $10 spent, so we rank the $5 tickets proportionally.

Who created this?

At Opid Technologies we use software to increase the bottom line of mid sized companies. We promote using technology as a tool that is specific to your company and not something to be weary of. We work with our clients to create the perfect solution crafted around the client's business goals rather than forcing them to change workflows to fit the technology.

The biggest thing that you can do to improve your bottom line with technology is starting to use your data to it's fullest, and this side project is a great example of what can be done with a fairly simple data set.

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